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One on-going challenge in building the emerging quantum economy is the intense demand for qualified people. StrategicQC is a completely quantum focused recruitment and professional services firm. We deliver professional recruitment, executive search and consulting prowess for organizations who can’t afford to allow a talent shortage to undermine their quantum related goals and plans.

Recruitment Solutions


Superior Candidate Engagement

Our candidate discovery process connects with you with quality quantum talent anywhere and everywhere.

Selection with confidence     

We work closely with you and candidates to foster a great interview experience and a collaborative approach to selection


Hiring the best

We enhance your offer process by process building a deeper understanding of what will create a true win-win for both you and the best candidates.


Workforce Expansion Solutions

Previous experience provides us with a roadmap for very effective recruiting and services strategies in emerging fields, such as quantum. We have succeeded with these recruitment challenges before in other technology areas such as AI and cybersecurity. When it comes to providing talented people in areas where demand vastly outnumbers the supply, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Long-Term  Pipeline Building

We create unique workforce development solutions that provide constant multi-year flow if quantum-ready people. We help you create and access skilled graduates newly entering the workforce as well as experienced professionals being cross-trained for quantum.


We help you down the path of building company success though inclusion, diversity and belonging in your recruitment process and future workforce expansion strategies.

Professional Services

Providing advisory and high-level support experts to help guide your quantum evaluation and implementation projects, we can help of all types with their competitiveness

Why We’re Here

We want to help the quantum computing ecosystem grow. With us, it’s not just about moving talented people from place to place, or project to project. But by providing a professional recruiting and services resource, we can greatly impact the success of projects and encourage more investment in the space.  

Can StrategicQC provide the entire solution to the quantum talent imbalance? Of course not. The answer to this imbalance is an aggressive, long-term, multi-faceted effort by industry, education and government. However, through effective recruiting and workforce expansion strategies, we can help make quantum an ever appealing industry in which to invest and work.


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Connect with us anytime to discuss your recruiting needs, or if you’re interested in quantum career advice. You can reach out to us by phone or email anytime.


Phone: 1.408.216.7671


Email: contact@strategicqc.com

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